Perfect composting loo November 30 2014, 1 Comment

Captivating musician and hands-on inventor, Dave Mann, tells EG editor Alan Gray how he built the perfect compost loo for only $400.

I'm sitting one metre from Dave Mann’s brilliant new compost toilet as I write this.  The gorgeous Bec Schofield (see the spring 2013 EG front cover) who’s married to Dave, has just brought me a wonderful afternoon tea of chai and homemade chocolate cake.  Try doing that one metre from your average composting loo!  This must be the best odour-free loo imaginable.  Nothing holds a candle to Dave’s multi-bin, fan-assisted compost toilet.

The key features are:

  • he built it himself for a mere $400;
  • that includes three 100-litre wheelie bins and all fittings;
  •  it is totally waterless and odourless, thanks to a 12-volt fan inside the vent pipe;

Dave's DIY $400 compost loo from Alan Gray on Vimeo.


...To read on and find out how to make it, refer to or order a back copy of EG168, Winter 2014