A New Leaf January 14 2014, 0 Comments

So what do you think of the New Look of our printed edition, dear reader?

The all new Earth Garden magazineIt’s autumn. And we’ve shed the leaves of paper used to print Earth Garden for 42 years. No more printing the magazine like a newspaper. We’ve spent the past four months dreaming up and then creating a new style of Earth Garden journal. We hope you like it.

We couldn’t make these changes and keep the old cover price. But I think the effort, the creativity, the contributions from our many writers and readers, and the genuine, heartfelt motivation of Earth Garden make it worth the price.

We wanted to enhance that special feel: making each issue a publication worth keeping. A durable, individual, and worthwhile publication that stands out as a reason to value the printed word over the backlit pixel.

Of course there’s now an important place for ebooks. EG has been available as a digital download for two years now.  But the new look of Earth Garden helps us say:  “This is a keeper.”

If our journal looks and feels beautiful to hold and read then it becomes a tactile experience to own and share, and a valuable record of Australian culture that’s worth keeping and passing on to younger people.

Many times in the past 25 years I’ve had letters from younger readers saying they’ve discovered their parents’ stash of old EGs – often stored in the outside loo or bush thunderbox. So a new generation has enjoyed Earth Garden afresh. I like that tradition.  But the saying around the office with our revamp is that we want to bring Earth Garden out of the thunderbox and onto the coffee table – handmade from recycled timber of course!

So if you like the new look please encourage your friends and family to buy EG as well. That’ll keep us strong, and make sure Earth Garden is still around, encouraging and inspiring, in another 42 years.

Alan, editor


EG is printed in Australia under ISO14001 Environmental Certification.The cover is printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Certification) certified paper. The text is printed on Australian-made PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified paper. The paper mill also has ISO140001 Environmental Management System Certification. You have our assurance that the magazine in your hands is printed according to rigorous international standards of traceability and environmental management. These pages are elemental chlorine free, and our words and pictures are printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Printed in Australia by Printgraphics, Melbourne.