An exciting new chapter March 03 2014, 0 Comments

Pixels not paper

Dear readers,

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in the long book of Earth Garden. Today we launch our beautiful new website after much blood, sweat and tears by our talented, energetic and much-loved Business Manager, Vivienne Hamilton. 

Over the past three months Viv has worked tirelessly to create a new website that reflects not just the values and philosophy of Earth Garden, but which also complements the wonderful look of our revamped print journal.

Our old website was clunky, tired. It did the job - but not very well.  Now with our wonderful new website, we are ready to help readers explore the myriad resources Earth Garden has sifted, edited, and presented to readers over more than 40 years of continuous independent publishing.

Earth Garden has a proud record of fearlessly publishing what needs to be said with a voice that often isnt heard in mainstream media.  In fact, we will always be outside the framework of mainstream Australian media - and thats a space were happy to occupy. 

We hope this new website will help you on your journey along the Earth Garden path to a satisfying and less-consuming lifestyle.  One which considers the Earths resources, treads gently, and seeks to help those humans and other species with less ability to benefit from the massive range of resources Westerners often take for granted. 


Alan Gray
Earth Garden
March 2014