ROLL ON SPRING! August 08 2014, 2 Comments

Fiona Tunnicliff, Earth Garden's Content Manager takes a breather from production to ponder the view from a two wheeled perspective.

As I type, the EG team is head down and bottoms up –no, we're not playing Twister –we're in the midst of production. Between you and me it is hard to keep ourselves from whooping and hollering every five minutes. Watching the Spring edition come together is a thrilling experience.

Exciting stuff this magazine publishing lark! Sometimes a wind down is needed. Lately my wind down time consists of trundling along on my new treasure –a beautiful bike.

There's something very 'Earth Garden' about hopping on a bike. What better low impact way to get around than good old-fashioned pedal power?  Winding along the local costal tracks is a joy and I can literally reach a hand out and touch nature as I whiz along!

There is a whole new perspective that goes with being on two wheels. I find myself eye to eye (well almost) with so many precious little birds or flowers and seed pods bursting from trees, that I might not have noticed if I was on foot.

I suspect Earth Gardeners appreciate these kind of fresh perspectives.  Like the one you get down on your knees, hands in the dirt, planting precious seedlings into rich organic soil. Or the view from your back door step at the food growing oasis that you have created.

It's the stuff we can't buy in shops that really matters the most isn't it? There are some exceptions of course.  My new Reid bicycle say . . . or a printed journal that has 'Earth Garden' written on it.