HERE NOW February 06 2015, 0 Comments

Fiona Tunnicliff, Earth Garden's Content Manager, takes a moment from production to appreciate said moment.

I recently had contact with a writer who calls herself a 'Momentologist' – what a great moniker to aspire to! You'll meet her in a future edition of Earth Garden.

My Mum often talks about her 'precious moments' and now in her 80th year; she's had a few. She reminds us all to appreciate the good times.

We all experience the big milestones, achievements and challenges and they stay etched in our minds. But what about all the wonderful LITTLE things that can happen in a day?

Some things are worth soaking up in the here and now.

I'm sure Earth Gardeners are adept at recognizing a precious moment when it springs from the soil ... why hello baby broccoli! Or, you just happen to look up seconds before the black cockatoo gracefully swoops over, you sensed it before you saw it – precious.

Being out and about in nature provides a multitude of moments to stash away in our hearts and minds. How lucky are we!

Publishing the Earth Garden journal is full of small moments to savour. Amazing stories landing in our laps and our designer pulling it all together into a visual feast. It's happening right here and now. Precious.


The Autumn edition of Earth Garden will be on sale 2 March.