Jill Redwood Environmentalist of the Year September 23 2015, 6 Comments

Stalwart environmental campaigner, self-sufficient farmer, 'Earth Garden' writer, and all-round inspiration, Jill Redwood of East Gippsland, has been made the 2015 Bob Brown Foundation Environmentalist of the Year.
  "Jill has put up with threats, intimidation and even the killing of her livestock, to bravely speak up for the forests. She has had a huge hand in greening the map of Victoria, including a pivotal court ruling against logging at Brown Mountain, and in protecting the habitat of endangered species like the long-footed potoroo and glossy black cockatoo. This year Environment East Gippsland won a reprieve for 2000 hectares of forest habitat for three species of owls. Besides her remarkable knowledge of the issues, Jill is a champion of organic food production, has a great sense of humour and is a fine role model for young Australian environmentalists," Bob Brown said in presenting the award to Jill in Melbourne on 18 September.

  The Bob Brown Foundation Environment Awards are regarded by environmentalists as Australia's most prestigious, given that they are presented by Australia's pre-eminent environmentalist.
  "Congratulations Jill from all staff and readers of 'Earth Garden' on such thoroughly served recognition.  We're all proud of you, and we all treasure your contributions to the environment - and to 'Earth Garden' over decades of continuous inspiration," said, EG editor, Alan Gray.

Bob Brown Bob presenting Jill Redwood with the Environmentalist of the Year award.