THE HUNGRY BIN May 26 2015, 0 Comments

 Worm Farm by Wormlovers 

EG's Viv Hamilton, reviews this modern take on worm farming.

Such a small box I thought as I excitedly signed for my package from Wormlovers (thank you!). The components were cleverly packed one inside the other allowing for easy carrying, unpacking and assembly. With the clear instructions to follow, it only took about ten minutes to put together.

We filled the bin 3/4 full with commercial compost to get us going as I didn't have any ready in the garden, popped the worms in out of their box and we were ready to go.

Although a tad more pricey than the traditional tiered worm farm system, this bin is has a far better approach. On wheels, it is a cinch to move around to a warmer or cooler spot and looks a lot better than stacks of ugly black boxes. 

Feeding the worms is simply a matter of lifting the lid while still standing. No bending. No lifting of heavy trays either as the castings are harvested by releasing clips from the bottom of the unit and removing the filter tray. Generally the worms won't come out with the castings as they are surface feeders and like to stay in the top few centimetres of the bin. The odd one can be easily popped back in.

The Hungry Bin also works more efficiently than traditional bins thanks to its tapered sides, meaning that the castings continuously flow downward, gradually compacting neatly at the bottom ready for removal. Worm juice can be collected directly from the lower try, or you can place a container (as we have) in the tray to lower the surface area of the juice and help prevent evaporation.

We think this bin is brilliant. So easy to use and perfect for people with dodgy backs. I've become very fond of my compost worms and carefully choose which food is going to them and which is going to the chooks. The worms tend to love things that the chooks don't like so much such as potato peelings, and the chooks love what the worms don't like such as bread and meat scraps. Neither of them much like citrus or onion though! The added benefit is that now nearly all of our scraps are being utilised, instead of being left on the chookhouse floor encouraging unwanted rodents (did I mention the Hungry Bins is rodent proof?) The team of willing worms are also happily munching on coffee grounds, wood ash, autumn leaves and sawdust - balancing out their scrappy diet.

My household has  been trialling our bin for nearly six months now and couldn't be happier with it. We'd recommend it for any urban garden and particularly for people who already prefer the benefits of raised style garden beds. Councils are crying out for people to stop green waste going to land fill and this is the easy solution, processing your kitchen and garden waste and turning it into super easy to harvest, nutrient rich compost.

Oh, and I reckon you'll end up with a soft spot for your worms!

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