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Clive Blazey profile

Planting a seed . . .

“What interests me about gardening is learning about plants,” says Clive.

Clive Blazey is not only the co-founder of The Diggers Club, but also one of Australia’s great independent campaigners against climate change. Here he tells Samantha Allemann of some of his passion for gardening.

When Clive Blazey isn’t gardening, he spends a lot of time on his bicycle.  The 72 year old founder of The Diggers Club cycles around his new neighbourhood of Northcote (in Melbourne’s inner north suburbs), admiring local gardens.  “I’m blessed that in Northcote there’s a good garden tradition,” Clive says.  “In the landscape around me there are lots of citrus and stone fruits; it’s quite an experienced and a passionate garden suburb.  We’re blessed with some of the best avenues of street trees that go all the way from Northcote to the National Gallery and Royal Botanic Gardens.  I’m in seventh heaven as it’s bicycle paradise around here.”

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