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Jill Redwood

Cosy Cooker Stitched Up

The hot food insulation blanket — it’s an old idea but a goodie, says Jill Redwood, of Goongerah,  Victoria.

Remember granny’s teapot cosy?  What a beautifully simple concept: a little woolly coat specially crafted to keep the household teapot warm for ages.  Not many people make tea in a pot these days let alone use a cosy, but let’s recycle the idea.  Why not make our cooking pots a super insulated cosy?  Hey presto — an instant slow-cooker.

There’s no need for a big, expensive store-bought crock pot that consumes fossil energy and takes up loads of cupboard space.  A rather humble but effective enviro-version can even be made from recycled material and when not in use can be folded and put away. 

A well-insulated soup pot cosy can halve your kitchen’s energy bill.  It also delivers a one-pot meal cooked to perfection and full of flavour between two and six hours later. 

I used to cook one-pot meals in a hay box cooker, like those used in the days of yore.  These were boxes stuffed with hay as insulation.