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A Good Life, and the road ahead

Milkwood Permaculture co-founder, Kirsten Bradley, describes the journey she and partner, Nick Ritar have made from beginning their highly-successful education venture, to now putting down anchor at the family property of Su Dennett and David Holmgren, the co-founder of permaculture.


They say change is the only constant in life: these are words that our family have certainly lived by.  Nearly ten years ago now, Nick and I put everything we owned on the back of a ute and drove off from our lives in inner-city Melbourne up to Mudgee in country NSW, to build a small home, grow food, and live simply.  Or so we thought.

We moved into a pop-top caravan on a corner of Nick’s parents’ sheep and olive farm, where we had been allotted 20 acres of rocky ridge and a small creek flat, to do with as we would.

We called the place Milkwood. 

Tim Malfroy with natural beekeeping students.


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