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Cover Story - Autumn 2017

Make it from scratch

Rachel Altenbacher features on the front cover the Autumn 2017 issue. Rachel is a talented young Earth Gardener from the mid-north coast of NSW. In this first of a series of articles, Rachel begins by telling us how she came to develop an Earth Garden lifestyle.

I cherish memories of visiting plant nurseries with my mum growing up, and as a teenager every waking moment was focussed on my horses and the next dressage event. I dreamed of having a farm with colourful cottage gardens and one of every kind of animal following me as I carried out my daily chores.

Life in Sydney was fast, fun and full of Salsa moves on the dance floor.  An accident and torn ligaments slowed me down, which ultimately ended my social butterfly persona. Having travelled overseas already, and my career ambitions subsiding, I began to crave a more wholesome existence.

Some seasons Rachel is blessed with bumper crops.


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