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Cover Story - Winter 2017

The Bee Amigos

A setting autumn sun and the earthy scent of smouldering pine needles.


Salty wings . . . three childhood friends look sideways from surfing to beekeeping.  Jaclyne Scally goes along for the ride and Ed Sloane accompanies her story with truly stunning photography.

The parallels between surfing and beekeeping run deeper than you might expect. Both pursuits demand patience, an appreciation of natural processes and an acute awareness of the elements.  Ask a surfer what the weather’s doing and they can give a detailed synopsis to rival any BoM meteorologist, in much the way a dedicated apiarist could.  And then there’s the commitment to the present: when you catch a wave that’s all there is.  This complete presence is also evident when I accompany three surfers-cum-apiarists, on their routine hive inspection at Point Lonsdale.


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