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Darn Pride

Once a sign of poverty, or at least thriftiness, sock darning is still a useful knack.

Jackie French, of Braidwood, New South Wales, shows how.

Darning socks is a form of meditation. You have to think sock. Socks are restful creatures that quietly contemplate the world from humble ground level. Darning is good for long evenings of good conversation

and laughter or when watching a boring DVD to please grandpa who wants to watch the 1972 World Cup or anything involving cars. Darned socks save money, save resources and also — if you do it right – keep your tootsies comfortable.

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Go Jackie French Senior Australian Of The Year

Hearty congratulations from the EG team and on behalf of the legions of readers who love and devour her regular columns. Jackie is a massive inspiration to so many and we feel blessed, humbled and tickled pink to have her in the EG camp! Jackie is a fearless campaigner for the rights of children, animals and the environment. What a wonderful, well-deserved acknowledgement.

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