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Superior Worm Housing

Dear EG,

like all keen Earth Gardeners I’ve been busy making compost, trying to match an oversupply of coffee grounds to an abundance of autumn leaves and green weeds making a comeback after our scorching summer. So imagine my delight when raking up leaf drifts in the gutters up the street, I found already decomposed leaf matter writhing with earthworms, and ...


Harvest Happiness Readiness

Dear Earth Garden Team,

Many thanks for the surprise of your email and phone call to tell me that I won the Fowlers Vacola Professional Stainless Steel Electric Preserving Kit. I’m happy to report that it recently arrived safely and I have been studying the instruction booklet in readiness...



Refreshing Sourdough

Hi Fiona,

Photo below of my sourdough, which was made on Monday!!  Not as pretty as Brydie’s but edible all the same.




The Fascination of Poultry

Hello Earth Garden magazine!

We just wanted to tell you about the joy Chook Wisdom brings our son Rohan.  He will sit for ages and look at it and point to all the pictures.  It is a very rare thing for him to stay still and it only happens with Chook Wisdom...

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