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Box Beds for Coriander

EG co-founder Keith Smith takes time off from the library to garden anew

My muscles were aching, I was sweating and I had blisters on my hands for the first time in years.  It’s payback for leading a sedentary life mainly involving days at the library or long hours at the computer.

I was inspired to start gardening again by the wonderful community organic garden at the former Coal Loader site at nearby Waverton that Irene wrote about in ‘Bush Telegraph’ (EG 166).  The problem was that there is very little space for growing vegetables in our small semi-detached house as we did for 21 years in the big backyard garden at Epping (NSW).

I screwed in the last screw to secure the side planks of my bottomless raised timber box bed and began to fill it with soil.  I planted tomatoes, basil, parsley, thyme and coriander.  My spirits lifted and I felt like an Earth Gardener once again...

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