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Herbal Tea

Plant and people tonic

EG’s resident herbalist, Tanya Jenkyn of Esperance, Western Australia, explores her obsession with herbal teas.

I LOVE tea. I like black tea, green tea, red tea and white, but my favourite kind is herbal. My herbal tea obsession went into overdrive at a little apothecary shop I used to frequent where you could scoop your selection of herbal teas into pretty paper bags. The shelves were lined with jars of beautiful dried flowers, leaves, roots and stems and the smell was intense, heavenly and — so darned interesting!

To me, tea is simply enchanting — it’s the ritual, the ceremony and the ephemeral sense of calm that reigns when tea inserts itself into your hectic day and allows you to be still for a little while and become refreshed. Tea brings people together: strangers are welcomed and friendships form over a shared pot of tea.

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