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Here’s a tip - building skills from waste

Aaron Thomas finds exactly the kind of curved rusty steel Andy loves for Agunya furniture.

Creating in-demand furniture from salvaged tip materials: this is the latest project for Kimberley builder, Andy Greig of Agunya Shelter For Life.* Here, Earth Garden editor, Alan Gray, describes Andy’s latest projects for teaching housing skills to young Aboriginal trainees.

Some people have a knack for spotting the hidden gems in everyday items – like sculptors who release dramatic forms from stone. Andy Greig is the bloke who built my office — an affordable and portable housing unit designed for remote Aboriginal communities (see EG 170). Now he’s added another line of projects to tie in with the shelter. Andy works with young Aboriginal trainees, teaching construction skills that can lead to an apprenticeship. But he doesn’t just show them how to build a stud wall. Andy revels in recycling and reusing waste material from Outback tips to create beautiful furniture. He works with his young trainees to imagine the final forms of chairs, tables, beds and more — all based on materials salvaged from tips in Halls Creek, Broome, and other remote Kimberley towns.

*You can contact Andy Greig on 0407 307 037.


Agunya furniture: salvaged African mahogany timber and old leaf springs make a perfect rocking chair.

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