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Lunching your way to the good life

Brydie Piaf, of Sydney, shares a tip for a tasty lunch that will hook in youngsters too.


Despite having grown up with a heady mix of vegetarian cooking, Indian spices, backyard vegies and all-round-wholesome-goodness kinds of meals, I did briefly (and just quietly) diverge to foods that were a little bit different.  I’d left home, you see, and was out in the big wide world all by myself.  Being a fairly money-less youngster, budget-friendly food was a must.  Looking back, taste, it seems, wasn’t. 

Canned soup, two-minute noodles, packaged biscuits and a heady concoction of different types of chocolate were staples during this period.  I lapped up all that packaged food, eating many of the things that my childhood definitely didn’t have.  Looking back, it was a fairly brief period, and funny to think of now, considering what makes up many of my meal time choices today.

Maybe it was something I needed to get out of my system.  Or maybe it was a brief rite of passage that all kids of quasi hippies go through.  Either way, I came out the other side with a big taste for spinach and brown rice again.

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