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Matthew Wright’s creative action

Matthew Wright’s creative action

Matthew Wright is a former Young Environmentalist of the Year who began the national debate on zero emission targets. Here he speaks to Sam Allemann about his passions and campaigns.

All photos by Laura Hesse.

Matthew Wright is breaking the rules.  As he opens his laptop to show me photos of a house he worked on, he admits that he tries to keep Saturdays “technology free”.  It’s a hard ask for the engineer and climate campaigner, who gets up at 5am to fit in work on both his business and PhD.  At age 19 Matthew joined The Greens over the asylum seeker issue and then became involved in their energy group.  “But I was a bit frustrated with the pace they were moving at,” he recalls.  So he decided to start a not-for-profit that would aim for Australia to transition to a zero-emissions economy, and Beyond Zero Emissions was born.  He led work on the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan, and in 2010 won the Young Environmentalist of the Year award.


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