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Mini entrepreneurs

Tractor addiction and my mini entrepreneurs

Tanya Jenkyn of Esperance, Earth Garden’s popular ‘Herbanisation’ columnist, recounts the delights of watching her two sons turn into plant entrepreneurs.

Our two small boys have recently developed a pretty mad addiction to farm machinery.  It’s not unusual considering we live in a remote agricultural area.  They’ve grown up surrounded by road trains, tractors and combine harvesters as part of the day to day traffic.  They can happily chat for hours about cultivators, manure spreaders and tele-handlers.  They’ll debate the qualities of a New Holland verses Claas before agreeing that John Deere is king of the heap.  They plead with their dad to relinquish his current career and go back to working on a farm just so they can sit beside him on the chaser for harvest. 

Monty with freshly-harvested carrots.



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