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Our Philosphy

If you've never heard of Earth Garden before, our Web page will give you a taste of its contents, and you can either subscribe or order a copy with the form at the end of our site, or, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, buy or order a copy at your local newsagent.

Earth Garden has been a well kept secret for a quarter of a century now, with loyal and committed readers who are hungry for practical ways to lead a simpler, healthier, less-stressful lifestyle, while treading gently on the Earth and using her resources more wisely.

Alan Gray, Publisher & editor.It's now more than 40 years of independently publishing Australia's leading magazine of self-sufficiency and practical environmentalism.  And no corporation or government has ever influenced publication - or non-publication - of a story.  This has been a central belief in Earth Garden's approach to information: ordinary citizens should be able to exchange worthwhile and practical information, instead of being bombarded with political waffle through televisions, or gossip in meaningless glossy magazines which are obsessed with empty-headed celebrities.

We believe that there's more to life, and more to magazines, than vacuous consumption.Earth Garden magazine philosophy.