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Permaculture farmer Rachel Altenbacher, from the mid-north coast of NSW, visits Olive Gap Organic Farm to learn more about sunflower sprouts.

WHILE spending time abroad many years ago I met a Kiwi sailor who was living off grid on a yacht in the Pacific islands. He spoke of the most bizarre food rations, creative storage solutions, days filled with raw fish salads and most fascinating tales of growing sprouts on deck. His life sounded like a dream, sailing the majestic turquoise waters, strolling through fresh food markets and jumping overboard to bathe in the sea. He told me he was previously a chef so living on a boat was no obstacle in growing fresh food when he enjoyed cooking and eating it so much.

In the previous issue of EG I talked about Olive Gap Organic Farm where I was welcomed with open arms by Tara, Alex and their three vibrant daughters: Olive, April and Cedar. On my last trip to Olive Gap organic farm I learned about the tea tree oil extraction and while I was there I managed to fall under a sunflower sprout spell.

Tara and Rachel harvesting sprouts.


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