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Spelt sourdough

Spelt sourdough . . . scrumptious

Sarah Price of Tolga in Queensland has just published a mouth-watering ebook full of brilliant recipes for sourdough breads made with spelt flour. There’s something about the words ‘homemade bread’ that make people sit up and take notice. It’s something I find a little amusing, because I’ve been baking my own bread for so long I almost forget it’s not something everyone does. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love homemade bread – who could resist the chewy crust and the interior crumb that actually has texture and flavour to it?

And the smell of a freshly baked loaf? Heaven!  A few years ago I changed from making all my bread with commercial yeast, and started making sourdough. It was actually an issue of Earth Garden that inspired me to finally give it a go, and I’ve never looked back. Whilst I didn’t have instant success with my sourdough, I was hooked from the start and now it’s one of my favourite things to do.  The reason I encountered many hiccups along the way is because I bake sourdough with spelt flour – whole spelt flour, usually freshly ground.

Discount for EG readers . . .

If you’d like to give spelt sourdough baking a go, grab a copy of Spelt Sourdough Made Simple – it’s an instant download ebook and you’ll get 15% off with the code EARTHGARDEN. Sarah wrote the ebook to give people the help she searched high and low for when she was first starting out with sourdough. The recipes and techniques are written and designed specifically for making 100 per cent spelt sourdough, with either whole or more refined spelt flours. There are ten delicious recipes, plus a step-by-step recipe for your own sourdough starter. See more at


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