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Spring Chooks

Eggs. Fresh, humane and healthy

Samantha Allemann interviews organic egg farmer Madelaine Scott.

"My favourite part of the job is hanging out with the animals, especially when they’re happy and healthy and the sun is shining! Plus I love selling a product that I can guarantee is fresh, clean and healthy..."

Lay Lady Lay

With spring in the air it’s egg time again, writes Alanna Moore.

"The joy of keeping heritage poultry breeds is that their eggs come in a wonderful range of colours and sizes, to suit all colour schemes and appetites. The brown eggs are from Barnevelders, the pink ones are Jungle Fowl and the blue are Araucana eggs. You can also get white, speckled, turquoise,reddish and beige..."

Gardens and Chickens. Never the twain shall meet

Claire Bickle has learned how to keep her chooks doing good, not evil, in the garden.

"Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned custodian in the world of chook ownership, you will at some stage or another on this journey experience some form of garden destruction at the hand, or should I say the foot, of your much-loved egg producing feathered darlings..."

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