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Summer in the Hen house

Hot town Summer in the Hen house

EG’s chook maestro, Claire Bickle of Brisbane, gets into the summer hen house to see what’s happening.

There are familiar sensations, sounds and smells that come with the season of summer for me: balmy nights, sunshine days that never end, the scent of frangipanis and Chinese star jasmine and the sound of lawns being mown and barbecues sizzling.

Of course many of us have holidays, Christmas is all go and our gardens are either growing out of control or struggling with the weather conditions.  But what’s happening in the hen house?

Although egg production slows down in winter our feathered friends don’t mind a bit of cold but the summer heat and issues that come with it can be more of a struggle.  What do you need to consider and look out for when summer really hits its straps?


When the summer heat hits, frozen icecubes with mint are a welcome relief. Always ensure a cool clean fresh supply of drinking water.



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