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Summer Issue 2020

About the cover:

Tara Luca lives at Olive Gap Organic Farm in northern NSW where her family run an organic tea tree oil business. See page 12 for Tara’s story about making your own handy lotions and options for summer self-sufficiency.




This summer Tara Luca from Olive Gap Organic Farm in northern NSW shares the love and benefits of tea tree oil with some of her favourite, super-simple DIY recipes.


SUMMER is upon us!  It’s the time for sleeping under the stars, sunset swims and kicking back in the hammock.  It’s also the time of everything bitey, scratchy and stingy coming out to play.

If you’re anything like our family, we love to head off camping and get out into the wild.  I’m always looking for economical ways to reduce waste and use natural products both at home and on the road.  This is even more important when visiting pristine areas so we can leave them exactly as we found them.

Because we run a small certified organic tea tree farm, I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of opportunities to discover ways to use this versatile native essential oil.  I use it for pretty much everything! 


Pure, natural tea tree oil.


The work team takes a break.


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