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The Natural Beekeeper

Visiting a natural beekeeper at work in the Bega Valley of NSW was a revelation for Claire Dunn.

“It doesn’t take much to fall in love with your bees,” says Adrian.


I’ve always been curious about beekeepers.  Bees themselves are mysterious and complex creatures, and perhaps I imagined, so must be their caretakers.  When I heard about the ‘natural’ beekeeper, my interest was tripled.  ‘Natural beekeeping’ I learned, is more about the bees themselves rather than being driven by the pot of golden honey at the end. 

My curiosity was sated last summer.  I visited Adrian Iodice of Beekeeping Naturally in the NSW Bega valley on a farm nestled amongst steep green hills, with a river that I could cup in my hands and drink from. Adrian, his wife Stefani, and three children are busy creating an intentional community that is also a bee sanctuary and education centre for natural beekeeping.