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Easy Aquaponics e-book


Finally . . . this bestseller from Earth Garden is available again.

Read on any computer, tablet, smartphone or laptop.


Imagine a delicious meal made from your own flourishing, organic vegies and herbs and freshly caught fish all harvested from your own backyard . . . this 80 page ebook will show you how.

The merging of hydroponics and aquaculture . . . 

Both aquaponics experts and hands-on amateurs guide you through everything to establish a healthy, functioning system at home.  The ebook showcases systems across the whole spectrum from simple setups to feed the family, through to highly productive commercial food farms.

Learn how to put together a super cheap system using reused materials like old bath tubs.  This ebook is full of tips and tricks.

Great information about getting started in aquaponics.

Three sections.

1.  Living with Aquaponics.
2.  Low Cost Aquaponics
3.  Expert Inspiration.


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